Spatial databases with QGIS and PostGIS

Course typeSpatial databases with QGIS and PostGIS
DescriptionAimed to those who need to learn how to manage a database of complex geographic data. The course also covers the use of PostGIS many database functions that allow for complex geoprocessing to be carried out within the database and displayed in real-time. Contents: Introduction to Open Source territorial information systems; Advantages of using a database for GIS; Introduction to the Open Source RDBMS, PostgreSQL; Setting up the database server; Access control (users, groups and permissions); Schemas, Tables, Views, and Functions; Introduction to PostGIS; Databases and geographic data: structure; Creation of a geographical enabled database; Administration of the database and access to the data; Command line administration with "psql"; The graphical front-ends: QGIS, phpPgAdmin, pgAdmin III, LibreOffice, etc.; PostGIS and QGIS: Importing vectors, digitising, queries, plugins for advanced queries; Advanced geoprocessing queries; PostGIS rasters,
Instruction hours24