Introduction to GIS with QGIS - 3 days

Course typeIntroduction to GIS with QGIS - 3 days
DescriptionTo learn how to install and use QGIS, access and present the data, style the data and produce high quality layouts with high informative content. The course can be attended also by people with little experience in GIS and cartography. It is needed to be comfortable with the use of a computer. Content: Introduction to QGIS Installation in different Operating Systems Work environment configuration Projects Plugins management Vector data Properties, import/export, conversion between formats Vector theming and labels Coordinate reference systems How to use GPS units in QGIS Vector digitizing. CAD tools The geographic databases PostGIS and Spatialite and QGIS Add layers from map servers: WMS, WFS, WFS-T, CSW, WPS, OpenLayers, Google Maps Importing photos as points Exporting data directly to Google Earth Raster data Properties and theming Coordinate reference systems management and mosaics Georeferencing Adanced layouts/printing
Instruction hours24