Introduction to GIS and GIS Analysis with QGIS

Course typeIntroduction to GIS and GIS Analysis with QGIS
DescriptionIntroduction: To learn how to install and use QGIS, access and present the data, style the data and produce high quality layouts with high informative content. The course can be attended also by people with little experience in GIS and cartography. It is needed to be comfortable with the use of a computer. GIS Analysis: To learn how to do raster and vector GIS analysis, joining the power of tools like GRASS, SAGA, Orfeo Toolbox with the simplicity of use of QGIS. The course is aimed to who wants to learn how to use the GIS to do GIS geoprocessing and predictive analysis. Is adviced to have at least basic knowledge about SIG software. Is suggested to have also a basic knowledge about QGIS.
Instruction hours32