Cartography with QGIS

Course typeCartography with QGIS
DescriptionTo learn how to create high quality maps with the maximum efficiency thanks to the most advanced QGIS functionalities for cartography. The course will cover the different options for raster and vector symbology, labels, print layouts and automated map creation. This training course is ideal to take advantage of QGIS as tool to create thematic maps and cartography to be used as instruments for management and publishing. Content: Control layer order;Vector symbology;Raster symbology;Categorized symbology;Graduated symbology;Rule based symbology;Advanced symbology: levels; Rendering modes and transparency;Labels;Composed symbols;Symbol Manager;Save, export and import symbols;Print composer;Map elements;Coordinates grids;Overview maps;Optimization of cartographic production;Filter the legend depending on visibility;Atlas map creation tool;Create series of maps with the atlas tool;Presets and multiple styles;Data defined symbology properties;Cartograms;Advanced example: create presence maps
Instruction hours16