QGIS Pursuit Course

Course typeQGIS Pursuit Course
DescriptionThis 1 day course is designed to follow up on the Essentials course (Essentials course is a pre-requisite or at least a good knowledge of QGIS) to enhance knowledge and build on more of the advanced QGIS Features available. As a hands-on course, the attendees can actively participate and experience advanced mapping techniques that will enable users to use QGIS in a professional environment. The following is an outline for the QGIS Pursuit Training Course: Advanced layer management Working with selections Using the expression builder Working with spatial geometry functions Editing – Splitting, Merging and Reshaping map features Georeferencing Consuming webservices (WMS and WFS) Advanced styling techniques Advanced labeling using expressions and data defined properties What is a database Working with database tables in QGIS Using presets for map management Automating map production with the QGIS Atlas
Instruction hours7