QGIS Essentials

Course typeQGIS Essentials
DescriptionThis 1 day course is designed to introduce first time GIS users or spatial professionals to the QGIS desktop application and provide them with skills to develop or add value to their existing GIS toolkit. Attendees will learn techniques that will allow them to enhance their everyday desktop mapping capabilities. As a hands-on course, the attendees can actively participate and experience real-world examples. It is a great opportunity to explore the possibilities that QGIS offers. The following is an outline for the QGIS Essentials Training Course: Introduction to the QGIS project What is spatial data? Setting up QGIS for the first time Coordinate Reference Systems Navigating the map Managing map layers Exporting data Styling and labeling map content Working with attribute data Editing geometries Creating and exporting a map Using QGIS plugins
Instruction hours7