QGIS Training: Advanced / Deep Dive

Course typeQGIS Training: Advanced / Deep Dive
DescriptionWHO IS IT FOR: Veteran users who want to learn how to use QGIS for specific use-cases & those who want to gain in-depth knowledge of a certain QGIS feature or functionality. WHAT TO EXPECT: By the end of the training, you should be able to expertly utilize QGIS for a specific use-case and be familiar with the ins, outs, and nuances of certain QGIS features or functionalities. TOPICS COVERED: QGIS for Disaster Risk Mitigation QGIS for Resource Management QGIS for Environmental Planning QGIS for Humanitarian Mapping QGIS Plugin Development QGIS Expressions Deep Dive QGIS Processing Deep Dive QGIS Styles & Symbology Deep Dive QGIS Map Making Deep Dive PyQGIS Deep Dive
Instruction hours8 hours