Project: FBIS

Changelog for version: 2.0.0

Release date: 1 March, 2019

This is the second release of the FBIS platform. Major improvements in this release are the streamlining of the search and filter features, improvements to the dashboard and the addition of support for SASS river health assessments.

Note this changelog is in draft pending the final release of version 2.0.0

Search & Filtering

Feature: Autocompletion for species names

FBIS will now show an autocompletion pop-up when you start typing in a search term.

This feature was developed by Kartoza

Feature: Support for filtering based on conservation status

It is now possible to filter sites to show only those with collection records having specific conservation status attributes. FBIS fetches the conservation status values from IUCN for each record as it is lodged in the FBIS database.

This feature was developed by Kartoza

Feature: Support common name searches

In version 1.0, searching could only be carried out on the scientific names of taxa. Version 2.0 adds support for searching on common names. The common names are automatically retrieved from GBIF as each new taxon is added to the system.

This feature was developed by Kartoza


Feature: New multi-site dashboard

In version 2.0 you can now view a multi-site dashboard which summarises the occurrence records produced by a filter / search operation. The dashboard is accessed by clicking on the search results site 'bubble'. Once the multi-site dashboard is open, you can download the results as a CSV and see the other dashboard elements as an aggregate report for all the filtered sites.

This feature was developed by Kartoza

User interface

Feature: FBIS platform guide added

A new [?] Icon in the bottom left corner of the map will launch a helpful guide that will walk you through the key areas of the user interface.

This feature was developed by Kartoza

Feature: Permalinks allow sharing of filtered map views

We have added support for permalinks. Permalinks create a unique URL that reflects the currently applied filters, layers and map view extents. This allows you to easily share an area of interest with a colleague. Clicking on the permalink icon in the toolbar will copy the link to your clipboard.

This feature was developed by Kartoza